A vegetarian option will be available on request.

Chef’'s Welcome
Scallop Crepes, Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese, Spinach and Lemon
Red Prawn, Blue Cheese, Vermouth and Beetroot
Steamed Ravioli, Langoustine, Celeriac and Licorice
Linguina, Cod Tripe, Mint and Pecorino Cheese
Cod, Cauliflower, ‘Nduja and Chicory
Robiola Cheese, Raspberry and Almonds
Petit Four

menu     160
with wine pairing     240

Limited seats.

Chef’s Welcome
Cod, Bread and Onion
Uno spritz a Colazione Select, Moka Varnelli, Italicus
Red Prawn Eggplant parmigiana
A spasso col Martini Star of Bombay, Truffle, Pecorino cheese and sardines
Guinea Fowl, Mushrooms, Shallot, Pine nuts
Nerone a Kyoto Cynar 70, Campari Bitter and Asahi
Grilled ravioli, Porchetta, Bread and Beer
Caro Jack... Jack Daniel’s single barrel, Sagrantini and Chocolate
Cod fish, Patanegra and bitter Orange
21 grammi Plantation 3 stars, Figs e Black Olives
Petit four
White Chocolate, Olive Oil and The Match
Cocco de nonna Cinzano 1757, Cardamom and Coffee

menu     150
with wine pairing     200

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